Sexual Competence – An Indicator Of Sexual Competence

Sexual competence is not just the ability to get laid on the bed or being great and monstrous on the bed. It also talks about how you gain and give pleasure to the partner too. The final act is finally the pleasure and joy both the partners experience and this is well understood and experienced when there is joy, happiness, and satisfaction in the act for which sexual competence is very important. This sexual competence is all about the performance, the ability to perform, lust, passion, love, affection and everything that is considered important and essential for a healthy relationship. All these put together is what is called sexual competence.

Sexual Competence

When we talk about sexual competence, it brings to picture, how important sexual health is in a person. It is only with a good and healthy physical health, a healthy sexual health is made possible; there is an unseen thread that shows a very deep connection between these two. And similarly, there is a good relationship between the mental and sexual health too. So on the whole, it is the body and mind that keeps and talks about a good sexual relationship. So it becomes very important for these two to be healthy for a healthy sexual intercourse.

Sexual Competence

Health is wealth, is how the general proverb goes and it has been correctly said that with poor health there is nothing possible in life. It is this health that makes everything possible in life; it is, in fact, this that makes livelihood possible. It is not just the bright day`s life but also the dark night`s life that is very much dependent on this precious health. And since this life comes after the strenuous work the whole day, it is even more important to keep it hale and healthy to have a satisfied and happy relationship and this is where the importance and significance of sexual competence are felt and understood.

Are all men sexually competent?

When we talk about sexual competence, it is about all men and in fact, all are expected to be sexually competent. But are they all in reality? No there is definitely a deficient group and there are many reasons for this. Few men suffer from erectile dysfunctions and they lack the power and strength to perform good and enough on the bed. This not only disappoints them but also the partner since the act ends abruptly with an anti-climax. Erectile dysfunction is when a man is experiencing a constant difficulty in proper erections or is unable to maintain firm erections during the sexual act. There are many evident reasons for this poor or bad performance. There are majorly two major, prominent reasons for this problem in men – medical and psychological. Psychological effects may be due to poor social relationships. Some examples of this are the usual work tensions, stress etc… All these are some of the common problems in men of today and with development and advancements in technology, the degree of this tension increases day by day.

People are ready to take this tension but forget its perilous effects on the day –to –day personal life. The more tensed and stressed a person is the more he tends to become poor in his personal and sexual life which generally goes unnoticed. This is one reason for his sexual incompetence. Since this is a common problem in many, men should be able to strike the right balance between personal and professional life.

Personal sexual life is very important in a man`s life because it is this that boosts him up and makes him ready for the next stressful ay. It gives him enough energy, satisfaction, and happiness to face the next day full of challenges. A satisfied night`s life is the secret mantra for a happy, elated and satisfied living. Many of us forget to understand this and finally end up screwing both personal and professional life.

A healthy sexual life is in a way a base or foundation for a healthy professional and private life. This healthy sexual life has the ability to calm down all the tensions and stress of the present day life and hence is very important in every person`s life. Sexual competence is not something that cannot be achieved; it is very much possible to every man and all they need to do is understand the effect and impact of this in their life.